The 2018 Annual General Meeting

The club’s Annual General Meeting took place on Tuesday 20 March 2018 in the Village Hall at Hinxworth.  At the meeting the Chairman’s Cup was awarded to Derek for his many years dedication in maintaining the club’s equipment in good order. The GNAS Handicap Improvement medal was awarded to Stephen Colegrove.

Perseverance pays off…

Roy, who after several near misses, finally got past the 500 mark for a Portsmouth with a 519 on the 22nd of February in the barn at Edworth.

Well done Roy!

Hertfordshire Archery Association Championships

Over the winter season 10 Hinxworth archers shot at the County and Open Team Championships on 19 November 2017 and 12 Hinxworth archers attended the County and Open Indoor Championships on 11 February 2018. Both competitions took place at Gosling Sports Hall, Welwyn Garden City with excellent results as follows:

November: shooting a UK Record Status WA25 both our compound and longbow teams took first place.

February: shooting a Portsmouth round our compound and longbow teams again took first place. Neil was compound champion, Dave C. was longbow champion and Evie was junior recurve ladies’ champion.

Well done, and thank you, to all Hinxworth archers who shot at the Championship events and maintained the Club’s high profile within the county.

Hinxworth’s Winter League News (at end January)

Frostbite (Outdoor)                                                          Portsmouth (Indoor)

                                               Pts. Pld. Score                                                                  Pts. Pld. Score

HAC Compound 1st place   6     3    2147                      HAC Compound 1st place 6     3   3531

HAC Recurve 2nd place       6     3    4619                     HAC Recurve 7th place     0     3  8037

HAC Longbow 2nd place     4     3    1970                      HAC Longbow 1st place   6      3  3977

Shooting over the festive season

Following a Frostbite shot on Christmas Eve, mulled apple juice, wine and mincepies were served in the Village Hall to wish archers a Merry Christmas.  Weather permitting the final Frostbite of 2017 will be shot on New Year’s Eve.  

Wishing all archers a Happy New Year!

Christmas Party 2017

30 archers, partners and family members enjoyed an evening at the George IV restaurant in Baldock on 4 December. See slideshow of photos below:

Spooky happenings on the Rec

The 3rd Halloween Shoot, brilliantly organised by Rob, took place on Sunday 29 October.  A fun time was had by all.  There’s a slideshow with lots more photos of the Shoot on the Gallery page.

 2017 Club Championships

This year’s championships took place on Sunday 8 October and once again the weather smiled upon us.

Our Champions for 2018 are Compound – Neil,  Longbow – Derek, Recurve – Tony, Junior – Evie and Ladies’ – Kath.

Daniel won the New Member Challenge and Steven was the first recipient of the new Junior Star trophy awarded for his regular attendance and dedication to the sport of archery.

In a League of their own

A win for Hinxworth’s recurve archery team against Green Dragon Bowmen of Knebworth park on Sunday 24 September meant that our small village team had completed all 15 matches without loss.
Hinxworth made it a “Grand Slam” in the Hertfordshire Summer League in all categories Recurve, Longbow and Compound leagues.

 Well done to all our archers.

Robin Hood strikes again!

On Wednesday 16 August 2017 Tom’s arrow tried to insert itself completely into one of Dave C’s arrows – and almost succeeded!

Hertfordshire County Championships

Yet again, Hinxworth’s archers showed them how it is done on Sunday 23 July 2017. Seven of our archers took home a total of nine gold medals. Our team consisted of 5 seniors and 2 juniors all of whom excelled in the very windy and wet conditions. In the recurve match, our only representative Rob put in a formidable score of 858 placing him in a creditable 5th place.

The most surprising result of the day was when our compound champion Neil Bridgewater mistakenly signed his score sheet for a wrong total of 1091. His actual score was around 100 points more which should have put him in silver medal position making it a 1st and 2nd for Hinxworth. However, due to the scorers’ error he had to settle for fifth place score as signed for. The winner and gold medal went to our chairman David Wayman and David and Neil’s combined score took the golds in the team event. In the longbow Derek came 1st and Dave Chudley 3rd and their combined scores took golds in the longbow team event.

Our two juniors, siblings Jack and Evie each won gold in their separate divisions making it not only a triumph for the Bridgewater family but yet another success for Hinxworth Archery Club. Well done to all!

Success at Home

Our first Home match of the HAA Summer League took place on Sunday 28 May 2017 with Hinxworth Seniors winning against Howard Archers.

Howard did not have any Juniors shooting so we wait for the Junior result as it will be against the average, however, congratulations to Issy, Evie and Jack who both shot new club records on the day.

The results of the Winter Portsmouth and Frostbite Leagues are in

Well done all those archers braving the chill/rain/wind over the winter to submit scores for the Winter Hertfordshire Frostbite and Portsmouth Leagues on the field or in the barn. The results released this week show how successful our club has been.

The results show 1st positions for Hinxworth Compounds and Longbows shooting the indoor Portmouth rounds, with our Recurves coming 4th in the 1st Division.

Again, our Compounds and Longbows achieved 1st position in the Frostbite competition, with Recurves coming 2nd.

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